Do you offer referral programme?

Yes we do. As a new user, we believe our apps may have been recommended by another awesome user. In showing appreciation, you are given the opportunity the first time you login into the app to enter the Referral code of the person who referred you.  Our referral programme will reward those referral so you […]

Where can I pay using PayByana?

Access the merchant list from your user App, this list shows you the merchant closest to you in kilometres and can direct you to the Merchant’s location. You can also search for a particular merchant using the merchant search button by entering keywords such as Shoprite.

What happens if my Phone get stolen?

For each payment to be made, PayByana requires you to insert your Username, PIN and Email address. In the unfortunate instance if your phone gets missing, simply download the PayByana App to your new phone and recover your account. As with all PINs, it is IMPORTANT you keep your PIN safe and not store it […]

What does it cost?

There are no charges for on App transfer. However payments into bank accounts will attract similar charges as payments using Mastercards, Visa or Verve cards will attract.

I forgot my PayByana PIN, what do I do?

You can retrieve your PIN by going to the Dashboard. Tap on “Forgot your PIN? Tap here to retrieve“. Provide your answer to the question you selected when setting up the PIN along with your registered email address. Once the provided details are confirmed, your PIN will be emailed to you on the registered, verified […]

How do I send/ transfer money?

You can either make an in App Transfer by searching for the PayByana user, either by his email address or his PayByana user ID. You can also send a user an email invite to download the app or you can simply make a bank transfer by inputting the Transfer Amount, Account name, Number and Bank […]

How do I see my transaction?

Go to your User dashboard, input your PIN as the dashboard is PIN protected. Click on Transactions and there you will see full details of all your transactions.

How do I register as a user or Merchant?

Simply download PayByana App, fill in your details, link your Visa or Mastercard and follow the registration process. To download the App, you can do so by clicking here.

How do I place an order?

Simply search for and select your desired Merchant, and click on Place order. You can either send your shopping list for the Merchant to confirm your order, or you can place your order from the Merchant’s inventory.